Terms & Conditions for User Registration
Terms and Conditions
Cycling Track Membership Terms and Conditions
  • Participation in sport carries inherent risk.  To provide for the safety of participants in the Mattamy National Cycling Centre, the following Terms and Conditions are set out to govern your actions and involvement.
  • The Town of Milton reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership privileges should members not in act in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.  
Equipment and Track Safety
  • No participant may ride the track without first obtaining Mattamy National Cycling Centre certification
  • Riders must check their own bikes before taking to the track, including tire pressure and condition, chain tension, wheel nuts and bar end plugs
  • Riders must wear a helmet at all times while on the track and safety zone.
  • Only Track bikes are permitted onto the track.
  • Cycling gloves are recommended to reduce the risk of injury on any contact or impact.
  • It is recommended that riders wear two layers of clothing above the waist (a tee shirt and cycling top are ideal or two tee shirts). For your safety, shoulders must be covered, so singlet vests and triathlon vests or suits are not permitted.
  • If you are renting shoes from the MNCC, socks are required.
  • To avoid distraction, no personal stereo equipment or wrist display heart rate monitors are permitted.
  • It is recommended that riders remove all jewelry and  watches.
  • Change rooms are provided and therefore riders cannot change clothes in the track centre.
  • No fixings to helmets are permitted, including lights, cameras or mascots. If your helmet has a peak fitted, it must be removed.
  • Cleats should be in good clean working condition.
  • To protect the track surface, brand new tires must first be treated by rubbing the surface with a degreasing product prior to use (i.e. white vinegar).
  • Dual compound tires or tires with coloured treads are not permitted.
  • Tubular tires must be glued to the wheel rims with proprietary tubular tire glue.  Tubular tire rim tape, tub tape or glue tape to adhere tubular tires to wheel rims are not permitted.
  • Bar ends must be fitted, and secure in handlebars.
  • Quick release spindles not permitted. Wheel spindles should not extend beyond the track nuts, front and rear, and should be sawn off flush with the nut, and filed smooth.
  • Track bikes must have a fixed wheel.   
  • Track tires must be inflated to the minimum pressure recommended by the manufacturer and not exceed the prescribed maximum pressure.
Track and Infield Area
  • No walking on the track. If you must dismount or walk on the track, please keep this to a minimum as it risks damage and brings dirt and dust onto the surface.
  • No mobile personal electronic devices are allowed onto the safety zone or the track itself except devices that may be utilized by coaches. 
  • Personal hygiene is expected while riding the track. If you must clear your nose or throat while riding, please carry a tissue for that purpose and move to the safety zone.
  • Riders must not eat or chew gum on the track.
  • Riders must not ride up or down on the ramp, in walk ways or corridors within the Mattamy National Cycling Centre. Riders must not ride in the riders "D" or on the track centre floor.
  • No food or drinks are to be consumed or taken onto the track or safety zone – keep them in the riders "D".
  • Do not walk from the riders "D" to the change rooms or on the wooden infield floor in cycling shoes with cleats.
Privacy Policy
Information provided by the applicant and contained within the application form and any applicable attachments, is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001 and will be used to assess registration for the Town of Milton, Community Services Department programs. If you have questions about this collection, please call 905-878-7252, ext. 2185.